LMX-HorizontalA warm welcome to you and thank you for taking the time to stop at our website.

This is an exciting time at Life & Mind Worx.

For many months now, the idea has been floating around in our heads that it is time to provide our organisation with a well deserved identity. In April 2013, we started working with graphic designers and developers to make our brand and this website a reality.

We think the effort that has gone into developing this website has been well worth the time taken to complete the first stage of this project.

Now that you’re here, it’s over to you. We thrive on constructive criticism for the simple reason that we believe in ongoing personal development. We see this website and our brand as no different. Afterall, it’s no more than an extension of our own personalities.

We welcome your feedback on what you think of our brand, our logo, our website design, the content and what you think could be improved or what is needed. Feel free to BLOG away and let’s hear your thoughts.

Stay safe and thank you again for visiting.