At Life & Mind Worx we have a passion for people and mental health. We will work with you so that you can face life’s challenges with strength and confidence. We ‘walk the talk’ with you to empower you.

Life & Mind Worx is a specialist counselling service located in Melbourne, Australia. We operate from professional offices located in the Eastern Suburb of Mitcham in Melbourne.

Life & Mind Worx provides a broad range of counselling services that have assisted clients from culturally diverse backgrounds both in Australia and overseas. We support you whether in crisis, conflict or to explore and discuss positive new ways to handle life situations.

Our aim is to leave you feeling empowered to achieve more, and ready to tackle new challenges with strength and confidence, no matter what your individual circumstances may be.

We are committed to providing you with a safe, supportive and confidential environment. We believe that our commitment to ‘walk the talk’ brings a level of authenticity into the counselling space that resonates with clients. Many clients choose to return when not in crisis to continue their self-development because they have first hand experience of the benefits.

We will respond to your request for services in the shortest possible time and can also offer you support via telephone, Skype video calls, email and instant messaging.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people find hope and motivation to create innovative solutions to improve their own lives, while unlocking new levels of self-awareness. We motivate and encourage others to empower their own achievements and personal satisfaction.

Our motto is: Empowering People

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