• Do you live in a regional location or work interstate or overseas?
  • Do you have young children and have difficulty finding a babysitter?
  • Do you find it difficult or are you unable to leave your home?

At Life & Mind Worx we would like to make our counselling services easily and conveniently accessible to as many people as possible.

We use industry leading technology to provide distance counselling via telephone or SKYPE video call software. Online counselling sessions are conducted in the same way as a face-to-face consultation. These sessions will be scheduled at a mutually agreed time and will run for around 90 minutes using the technology that suits you.

Online counselling appointments are charged at the standard Life & Mind Worx rates.

1382431298_06What you need for a telephone appointment?
A landline number that we can call at an agreed time. OR, a mobile number can be used however, an additional flat fee will be payable due to the timed nature of a mobile call.


What do you need for a SKYPE video call appointment?
A desktop computer or portable laptop computer or a tablet computer such as an iPad

1382431477_01Desktop Computer
If you intend to use a desktop computer, you will need a headset with a microphone or a set of speakers and a microphone.
1382432618_02Laptop computer
If you intend to use a portable laptop computer the device needs to have built in speakers and microphone OR you will need a headset with a microphone.

1382432602_05Tablet computer
If you are using a tablet computer it will be more convenient to have a headset with a microphone available for use.

1382432751_globeInternet Connection
You will also need a reliable Broadband internet connection. If you use a pre-paid internet connection, please ensure you have sufficient credit to last for the entire session. A video session will require more credit than a voice only session.

NOTE: The video image can sometimes become blurred if movement occurs during the session. This is generally not a technical fault or difficulty as it is dependent on the internet connection speed. The sound quality usually does not alter during this time.

SKYPE Software
If you intend to book a Skype video call session, you will need to ensure that you have SKYPE software installed on your device and tested to ensure it works. You must also be a registered user of Skype and have an active account available. Skype software is available free of cost and is easily downloaded from: www.skype.com.au

Once installed an account can be setup by you free of cost.

What if we encounter technical difficulties during our session?
If a Skype video call appointment is interrupted excessively due to technical difficulties outside our or your control, we will reschedule an appointment free of charge at another mutually suitable date and time.

In most cases, we can simply reconnect, and complete the appointment without any further difficulty.

If technical issues still remain, simply using a phone call may be the only option. Our experience using Skype video call appointments show that these sessions will work best with a broadband internet connection from a reputable provider.

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